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Stars by Magic

Book Cover: Stars by Magic - New Super-Easy Technique! Diamond-Free® Stars from Squares & Rectangles! Perfect Points and No Y-Seams!  

By Nancy Johnson-Srebro from C & T Publishing Nancy Johnson-Srebro brings her magic to star blocks. Easy, accurate piecing is just a few steps away with Nancy's super easy methods. According to Nancy, "This book features my new Patent-Pending technique for making 8-pointed stars, Lone Stars and more - using only squares and rectangles. The easy rotary cutting methods guarantee perfect star points, no dog ears to worry about, no Y-seams to contend with, no bias edges and no diamonds to cut."The Stars by Magic includes 30 star blocks and 10 Quilt Maps®. Suggested Retail is $28.95. For more information about Stars by Magic, please visit C & T Publishing.And, while you're there, look for details on The Stars by Magic "Tell Us Your Story!" Contest. Something almost magic happens when you open up your new copy of Stars by Magic. To enter the contest, you are asked to make at least 2 blocks from the book and then tell how Stars by Magic has changed your quilting life for better.
Contest Deadline : April 1, 2005

OmnigripT Diamond-Free® RulerNew OmnigripT Diamond-Free® Ruler

While working on Stars by Magic, Nancy designed this new OmnigripT Diamond-Free® ruler. This ruler measures 6" x 14" (RN614) and is perfect for cutting strips, squares and rectangles. There are no confusing 30, 45 or 60-degree markings. It's clean-looking, efficient, and simple to read. The ¼" outer edges of the ruler are highlighted to help eliminate any cutting errors while trimming ¼" seam allowances.


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Many books feature our products, and we are sorry that we cannot publish them all.