Dritz® "D" Rings Make Trendy Fashion Accessories
Pink tank top with D rings  

This hot fashion item is not just for belts! Now it’s being used to make straps on tank tops. Check out Simplicity 5078 for more details on this pattern. D-Rings are Available with Gilt and Silver Finishes in these Sizes:

¾” Gilt (#117-34-35
¾” Silver (#117-34-65)
1” Gilt (#117-1-35)
1” Silver (#117-1-65)
  1¼” Gilt (#117-114-35)
1¼” Silver (#117-114-65)
1½” Gilt (#117-112-35)
1½” Silver (#117-112-65)
Silver D rings   What are D Rings?
“D” Rings are just what they sound like! Two metal rings shaped like the letter “D.” Once not so glamorous, they were used to make adjustable straps on aprons and team sport pinnies. Today using “D” Rings you can create many Trendy Fashion Looks!
Striped Belts in pink and purple  

Preppy Fashion Belts
Give your wardrobe a lift! Make a preppy belt or two. Mix and match them with different outfits. It’s so easy!Close up: Attaching D ringHere’s How
It’s so easy! Insert ribbon into rings and stitch in place!


D Ring added to  a cargo pocket   Cool Cargo Pockets
“D” Rings can be used alone! Add a ring to cargo pocket and attach dangling charms.


Stylish Tote Bags  

Stylish Tote Bags
“D” Rings can be used to attach fabric straps to tote bags. Check out Simplicity 6350.

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