The name Dritz is synonymous with sewing notions. Dritz is the source for sewing notions and offers the widest selection and best quality for all your sewing, quilting, home decorating and craft projects. Whether you are sewing a garment or looking for clothing care products, you will find them here. Plus, we offer “My Double” and Twin Fit dressforms that will help you through every step of the sewing process, from designing and fitting to the positioning of lace, trims and machine embroidery designs.

New! Dritz straight pin boxes

New Addition

Dritz® straight pin boxes!!

The Dritz straight pins now come in clear, reusable boxes!  The containers are available in three sizes – small, medium and large, (depending on the pin size) and are stackable within each size. Every box is equipped with a curved edge for easy pin removal, and a pin identification label on the bottom with specific product information…which makes getting refills of your favorite pins, that much easier!

Dritz Latin American Products
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Dritz para Latinoamérica

Español y portugués son los idiomas destacados para esta gama completa de artículos de mercería para Latinoamérica. Encuentre información detallada sobre cada producto en la sección inferior de la Vitrina de Productos Dritz. Nota: Actualmente, no existe información sobre dónde comprar estos productos.

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Dritz para a América Latina

Esta linha completa de acessórios de costura para a América Latina é apresentada nos idiomas espanhol e português. Os detalhes dos produtos podem ser encontrados na seção Mostruário dos Produtos Dritz. Observação: A informação sobre onde comprar não está disponível no momento para estes produtos.

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Dritz for Latin America

Spanish and Portuguese are the featured languages for this full range of sewing notions for Latin America. Find detailed product information in the lower section of the Dritz Product Showcase. Note: Where to buy information is not currently available for these products.

New! InnerFuse – a stiff fusible interfacing perfect for fabric boxes and bowls.
D-Rings - Dritz® "D" Rings Make Trendy Fashion Accessories
Dressforms - Dritz® Dressforms: Easy-to-Use. For a Perfect Fit Everytime!
Glamour Rings - New Dritz® Glamour Rings Create Fashion Excitement

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