The Stripes Fringe Collection: Stripe your home decor or fashion accessories with the magnificent colors in this shimmering fringe.
100% Rayon French Twist Fringe

  Stripes Fringe -Red Lacquer (G10) Stripes Fringe - Parrot (G4)
  Red Lacquer (G10) Parrot (G4)
  Stripes Fringe - Bamboo Stripes Fringe - Carnival
  Bamboo (G8) Carnival (G2)
  Stripes Fringe - Lotus Pink Stripes Fringe - Fire Island
  Lotus Pink (G6) Fire Island (G3)
  Stripes Fringe - Ocean Stripes Fringe - Awning Stripe
  Ocean (G5) Awning Stripe (G1)
  Stripes Fringe - Spice Stripes Fringe - Ambergrass
  Spice (G7) Ambergrass (G9)

Stripe your fashion accessories or home decor with the magnificent colors in this shimmering fringe. Ten spectacular color combinations form the assortment, ranging from pastels to vivid brights. Spaced six inch long French Twist yarns create rivulets of color that seem to flow right out of the fabric they embellish. Splash your home and fashion accessories with the turquoise blues of cool water or the impossible brilliance of a tropical sunset.

American Flag Proudly made in the USA

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