People can't get enough of Printed Treasures.

Our 100% pima cotton sheets slide easily through any home inkjet printer, giving you crisp, clear, washable or wipeable images. Try them all to see which you like best!

Sew-On Sew-On
It’s no wonder the original Printed Treasures has already become a mainstay of crafting and quilting. Easy to print and sew, and soft to the touch, our Sew-On fabric sheets add infinite possibilities to your projects.

PT-100, 5 Sew-On sheets in a pack
PT-150, 50 Sew-On sheets in a pack


Milliken Logo
Prym Consumer USA is the proud distributor of Printed Treasures™.

Iron-On Iron-On
Iron-On Printed Treasures lets you add a wonderful focal point just where you want it, drawing attention directly to your favorite image. It’s perfect for items like jean jackets, ready-made tote bags, and so much more.

IT-100, 3 Iron-On sheets

Peel and Stick Peel & Stick
Nothing could be more perfect for involving children and teens in your craft projects. And no product could be easier to use when adding the pictures and patterns you love to
all sorts of items.

ST-100, 3 Peel and Stick Sheets