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Unique Stitch is an adhesive developed to bond fabric to fabric. To use: Protect work surface with a paper towel. Unscrew cap. Tube is ready to use. To apply - gently squeeze tube from the bottom. Use a straight pin to clean nozzle if it becomes clogged. Replace cap when tube is not in use. HEM skirts and pants - APPLY fabric cutouts - ribbon - bias tape - rickrack - rhinestones and pearls to garments. BOND - Velcro strips and zipper tapes to fabric. JOIN elastic and yarn ends together. Unique Stitch is a non-toxic water soluble adhesive. A damp cloth will remove a mistake if corrected before the adhesive dries. Once dry - the bond is permanent and the garment can be washed and machine dried. Some fabrics hold the bond through dry cleaning - some do not.

Item Number: C7902
Barcode Number: 033262179023

To Apply: 1.Squeeze directly from tube onto back of fabric. 2. Smooth adhesive with finger or small brush. (washes off finger easily.) If hemming or positioning an applique - apply adhesive within entire hem or applique area making sure adhesive is spread evenly to outer edge of fabric. 3. Use gentle finger pressure to position applique or overlap hem. Allow bond to set a few minutes then apply heavy finger pressure and allow to set 30 minutes before ironing or wearing. DO NOT WASH FOR 24 HOURS AFTER BONDING. Metal hair clips are ideal to hold hems or applique in place while adhesive sets. Pins can be used on heavy fabrics - but DO NOT PIN LIGHT WEIGHT OR 100 PERCENT POLYESTER FABRICS as the heavy finger pressure needed to place pins causes seepage. Unique Stitch will solve and speed many sewing and craft projects when properly applied. TIPS- Sheer and light weight fabrics (ie.silk and lace) need only a light application of Unique Stitch. Medium weight fabrics, such as blends of natural - and synthetic fibers - require a medium application of Unique Stitch. Heavy fabrics like denim - corduroy - or canvas require a heavy application of Unique Stitch. Place aluminum foil under fabric before applying Unique Stitch to prevent seepage onto work surface. CAUTION-Test each type of fabric to be bonded before starting a sewing or craft project. Some fabrics require pre-washing to remove factory finish to achieve a bond. 100% polyester fabrics must be tested. Some will show a stain or will not bond. Lace and sheers will show stains if a heavy application of Unique Stitch is used. Some fabric dye may weaken the strength of the bond. Advantages of Unique Stitch method of stitchless sewing are endless and simple when directions are followed. Natural fabrics and all blends of natural and synthetic fabrics will achieve the best results. WARRANTY-Because of conditions and use beyond its control - the manufacturer makes no warranty nor accepts any responsibility other than the original purchase price of the product.


Sub Category: Garment Care