Product Spotlight: Getting Organized For Sewing, Quilting and Needlecrafts!

When our tools and supplies are organized, we save time, our selection process is easier and just being creative is more fun! Check out these tips and find out what you are missing.

Storing Patterns, Interfacings & Stabilizers - Save yourself some time! Use the Dritz® Pattern File Box (#893) to organize patterns, interfacings and stablizers. Buy 3 boxes and make a label for each. Each box comes with 4 divider tabs and is covered with an attractive black and white toile-like design.
  Finding Sewing Machine Bobbins - Need help finding a bobbin with the right color of thread? Try storing pre-wound bobbins in the Dritz® Bobbin Box (#507), which is a clear plastic box with a hinged lid that holds 21 regular bobbins.
Keeping Thread at Your Fingertips - Sewers and quilters love to keep thread organized and at their fingertips! The Dritz® (#788) and Collins (C788) Stackable Thread Boxes have 19 spindles that are designed to hold all sizes of thread spools. The boxes are plastic and have openings along the top edge that allow the thread to be pulled from the spool and cut without opening the lid. For small spools of thread, use the Dritz® Vue-Thru Thread Box (#786), which holds 24 spools of thread.
Organizing Rulers on a Tabletop - This is a great space-saving solution for storing rulers. The Omnigrid® Wooden Ruler Rack (WRR) organizes rulers and stores them upright on a tabletop. The wooden base measures 19" x 3" x ˝" and comes with 5 linear slots for holding the rulers and keeps them from getting scratched. Acrylic feet on the bottom of the rack keep it from slipping.
Organizing Rulers on a Wall - Those who have wall space can free up their work area by storing rulers in the Omnigrid® Hanging Ruler Organizer (HRO). This durable, black mesh organizer measures 20" x 26" and has many pockets for holding rulers, including an 18" x 24" cutting mat.
Project Carrying Cases by LoRan® - Needlecrafters will love these stylish carrying cases for projects on the go! Available in a large size (CC-5) and a small size (CC-2), these lightweight carrying cases fold like a notebook with a hook and loop closure. Inside there are pockets for project cards, a magnetic design board and other essential needlework tools, plus three embroidery floss project cards.
Organizing Needlecraft Patterns - Finally there's a LoRan® Pattern Organizer (PC-1) notebook, made of stylish black nylon, for storing all types of needlecraft patterns and charts. There are 6 plastic sleeves with zippered compartments for holding floss and accessories, plus open pockets for holding charts. And, there are 4 handy Book KeepersT.
Organizing Embroidery Floss - Managing floss colors is a stitcher's biggest challenge. The LoRan® Thread Organizer (TK-3) is like a dream come true! This stylish black nylon notebook includes three Master Embroidery Floss Cards which hold 15 colors each. Each card slides into its own protective plastic sheet and then fits into the notebook. Additional Master Cards are available.
Stitching on the Go! - The LoRan® Project Pouches (PP-1) offer great organizing options for stitchers on the go! Available in a large and small size, Project Pouches hold a variety of stitching supplies and are easy to tote. Each pouch has a handy carrying handle, gussets on sides and bottom of bag and a secure zippered closure.
Organizing Beads - With the popularity of beading comes the necessity of organizing all those beads. LoRan's Bead Caddys, Big Caddys and Bead Trays offer a variety of solutions for keeping your beads ready to use! Bead Caddy's, Large (BC-13) and Small (BC-6), come with individual compartments, lids and labels. Big Caddys, Large (BC-9) and Small (BC-5), come with larger compartments for housing larger beads and findings. The Bead Tray (BT-6) contains 6 compartments with sliding lids and labels.

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